Installing Custom Window Treatments In Your Home To Elevate The Interior Design And Add Privacy

Window treatments are a great way to finish the windows in your home to enhance the design and still provide the security and privacy you need. There are a lot of options when it comes to custom window treatments, and choosing the right one for your home can offer a custom look and feel that you may not get with off-the-shelf products.

Custom Blinds

One of the most common window treatments people consider for their homes is blinds. These window treatments allow them to cover the window completely, open the blinds to allow light through, or retract the blinds to maximize the view out the window or open it for ventilation in the warmer parts of the year.  

Buying your blinds through a custom window treatments shop allows you to find blinds that match the interior design of your home or select a material that is more pleasing and durable. While typically blinds are plastic or metal, you can order wooden blinds if you like, and many custom window treatments vendors can get them from just about any wood you want. 

Taking it a step further, you may want to consider motorized blinds that can be integrated into your smart home so you can open and close them with a simple voice command when needed. There are fabric blinds, custom colors available, and many other options to choose from, so start with a visit to your local window treatment shop to get an idea of what you can get for your home. 

Solar Shades

When you are considering custom window treatments for your home, you may want to consider solar shades for any windows facing the sun all day. These shades are made in varying transparency to allow you to see through them, but they block the UV (ultraviolet) light coming through the glass so they can effectively reduce the temperature in the home and protect expensive furnishings from sun damage over time. 

Solar shades are available in many colors, textures, and levels of light blocking, so choosing the right ones for your home may be a matter of selecting the shades based on where they will go. If the sun comes up on one side and stays there all day, you may want shades that block more UV light on that side and ones that let more light in on the opposite side of the room. 

Because you are using custom window treatments, you can order the shades with different light blocking abilities but share the same pattern and colors. The shades look the same while having physically different characteristics. The associate at the window treatment shop can help you choose the solar shades you need and order them specifically for your home, so they fit perfectly when they arrive.

For more information about custom window treatments, contact a local seller.

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