Mistakes When Cleaning Out A Home's Gutters

The gutter system is one of the most important components for protecting your home from runoff. Unfortunately, mistakes when cleaning the gutters can affect their performance and lead to problems with your home.

Mistake: Failing to Clean the Downspout

When cleaning the gutters, individuals may focus on the troughs. Yet, the downspout is also a crucial part of the system. If the downspout is clogged or dirty, it can prevent the water in the troughs from draining. If this occurs, the system will quickly become backed up. Cleaning the downspout can be one of the challenging parts of this process because it will be difficult to see and reach deep into the downspout. A high-pressure jet can remove any materials in the downspout to restore the flow of water through it. When spraying the downspout, you should keep your face away from the opening, as debris could be sent out the top of the downspout.

Mistake: Assessing the Gutters After Cleaning Them

Assessing the gutters for damage is another common maintenance task. These assessments can provide a chance to identify any leaks that have formed in the gutter system. Once you identify these leaks, you can patch them with a gutter sealant. This can stop water from seeping out of the system and causing damage to the home. In some cases, the homeowner may find that the gutters' interior has corroded.  

Mistake: Not Using the Appropriate Safety Equipment

Cleaning the gutters may be a routine type of maintenance for a homeowner. However, it can be fairly dangerous. Minimizing the dangers of cleaning out the gutters requires several pieces of equipment. Thick gloves are an essential piece of protective gear to wear. There will be many sharp edges and items in the gutters that could cause a deep wound. Wearing protective gloves can mitigate this risk. Additionally, you should make sure that your eyes are protected. Debris can fly out of the gutters and strike your eyes.

Mistake: Poor Management of the Leaves and Debris Removed from the Gutters

While cleaning your gutters, vast amounts of leaves and other debris will be removed. If you plan to clean your gutters on your own, you must have a plan for dealing with this debris. Placing a tarp on the ground when you clean the gutters can make it easier to contain these materials. You can quickly sweep or rake it clean if these materials stay on the tarp.

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