Need A New Front Entry Door? Know How Your Exposure Type Can Influence Your Choices

Are you in need of a new front entry door for your home? IF so, you need to know that entry doors are not all created equal. There are many different types of entry doors, and the exposure of your front door can impact durability. If water can get into the entry door, you are going to have problems with rot that can severely limit the lifespan of the door. That's why you need to consider the exposure of your front door before you make a selection.

Fully Protected Door 

A fully protected doorway is when you have a door that is completely protected by a porch that covers the front of your home. This is the best type of exposure you can have for a front door because it is going to minimize the weather conditions that the door is exposed to. You can really go with any type of front door material that you want because the door already has the most protection from the rain and other weather elements.

Partially Protected Door

A partially protected doorway is one that has a small porch where the door may only be partially exposed to the weather elements. This may be when a home has a small awning that hangs over the doorway to keep you dry as you try to unlock the door, but your bottom half may get wet. The same thing is going to happen to the door, where the top half is dry but the bottom half gets soaked by the rain.

In addition, even the hot sun can affect a partially protected doorway. You must think about how the sun is going to beat down on the lower half of your door, which is going to cause the finish to break down over time. This allows water to get into the door, and eventually causes it to rot. You may need a more durable door to give you the added protection that you need.

Unprotected Door

An unprotected door has no protection whatsoever from the rain, snow, wind, and the sun. This means that you need the most durable type of door that will be able to withstand the test of time. You will want to look into a fiberglass door as one of the more durable options, and stay away from wood veneers or steel doors that can rust. 

Reach out to an entry door installer that can help ensure that you pick the right door for your home. 

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