Maximize Your Closet Space

If clothing piles often topple over in your bedroom closet and you have run out of space to hang shirts or store new shoes and accessories, invest in a closet storage system that is designed to maximize the amount of space inside of a closet. A closet system typically consists of metal framework, rods, mesh liners, brackets, and hardware necessary for the installation of the system.

A System That Is Sized Perfectly

Closet storage systems contain a series of compartments, hanging rods, and pouches, and the layout between systems may differ. Measure the depth, height, and width of your closet, and look for systems that will fit inside of the space. Metal poles will come unassembled, and you will need to use hand tools to attach the framework that supports the individual storage pouches and compartments.

View some storage setups and contemplate how you currently arrange the items that are in the closet. If you prefer to store your shoes on the floor of your closet or if stacks of seasonal clothing are stored on an upper shelf in the closet, you can keep this same type of setup and improve the space by choosing a system that contains compartments or metal dividers that will be located along the floor and cubbies or dividers that will be placed along the length of the top shelf.

Additional Storage Aids

A storage system can aid with keeping the bulk of your possessions organized, but you may be concerned about how you will increase your wardrobe or shoe collection without disrupting the organization that you have attained. Hooks that are installed along the closet's interior walls, baskets that are designed to be clipped to shelving and rest underneath it, and lighting that is installed along a wall can improve the manner in which you store new purchases and locate items that you are going to wear.

You do not need to have extensive renovations performed to acquire these features. Use screws and a screwdriver to install hooks, purchase wire baskets that contain metal clips that can be secured to the bottom of the shelf, and install battery-operated light discs. Light discs contain an adhesive backing and will require you to push on the faceplate of each light to turn the bulb on.

Designate the hooks for outerwear, hats, and belts. Use the wire baskets for small accessories. Because the baskets are not a permanent fixture, you will have the option of removing them or transferring them to another part of your closet, if you wish.

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