Is It Time For A New Mattress?

If you are thinking about replacing your mattress, but you aren't sure it's time, then you should review the information here. It will point out some of the different reasons for replacing mattresses so that you can have a better idea of whether the time is right for you to replace your own. Here are some valid reasons for replacing the mattress you currently have: 

You wake up with backaches

If you have an otherwise healthy back, but you seem to wake up with a backache often, then it may be because of your mattress. Generally, a firm mattress can be better for backs. However, some people may find that this isn't the case. This can make it more difficult to determine which style of mattress you should get to prevent that morning back pain. Also, if you do have a back injury, then you can decrease back pain by choosing the best mattress for you. 

You can find the right type of bed through trial and error

If you have a soft bed and you think a firmer one may help, you can try sleeping with a piece of plywood under the mattress to make it firmer. If this helps, then you should buy a firm mattress. If you already have a firm mattress, then you can try sleeping on a softer surface for a few nights. You may want to place couch cushions on the mattress or sleep on an airbed to determine your preferences. If this helps, then a softer mattress may be better. There are also mattresses you can adjust the firmness of, which lets you find the best level of softness/firmness for your back. 

Your bed has dips in it

If your mattress has dips from you sleeping in the same spot every night, then it is time for you to get a new mattress because there is no way to undo this wear. Flipping the mattress occasionally can help to prevent these dips for a while, but eventually, you can end up with them regardless. 

You toss, turn, and wake up tired

If you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night and you still feel tired in the morning, then the chances are that a new mattress will help. You are likely not comfortable enough on your current mattress to get a good night's sleep and this can affect your energy, your mood, and even your concentration and memory.

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