Masonry Repairs to Renovate Your Home Exterior

Old brick and other masonry materials on the exterior of your home can wear with time and eventually require restoration work. The time will come when you need to invest in extensive masonry repairs and choose the solutions that need to be done to restore these finishes. The following exterior masonry repairs are some of the solutions to consider for the exterior of your home.

Cracking mortar joints that need to be restored—One of the first problems that you are going to have to watch out of is the cracking of mortar joints. The mortar joints are vulnerable to several problems with wear, erosion, and damage. When the aging of the mortar joints has caused multiple problems, you will want to talk to a masonry repair service about redoing the mortar joints before the problems get worse.

Dealing with bricks that crack and weather due to age—The bricks of your masonry can also crack and lead to problems. The cracks in bricks can be a serious problem that starts in mortar joints or actual bricks. The problem is that the cracks can easily spread and get worse if they go unnoticed and unrepaired. Therefore, if you see cracking bricks on the exterior finishes of your home, you are going to want to contact a masonry repair service to fix the problem quickly.

Foundation and structural problems that damage masonry—There are also structural problems that can damage masonry. These problems can be due to foundation damage or settling problems. These issues will need to be addressed first. Once the problems with structural damage have been addressed, repairs to brickwork can be done to restore the exterior finishes of your home. These may involve removing damaged areas and reinstalling the brick to correct the damage.

Issues with hardscaping and other outdoor masonry work—Hardscaping is another area where you will want to consider investing in improvements. The masonry of hardscaping can be affected by erosion and soil movement. Therefore, you may need to have repairs done to paver surfaces and other masonry hardscaping that is beginning to show wear and age.

These are some of the masonry repair solutions that you may want to consider for the exterior finishes of your home. If you need repairs and improvements to the exterior of your home, contact a masonry repair service like A-1 Rooftop Chimney Sweep to help to fix any issues around your home.

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