What To Gift The College Graduate In Your Life

Graduation season is almost here, which means that it is time to get ready for a big celebration for your loved ones. In addition to throwing or attending a party in your future graduate's honor, do not forget to get them a gift that commemorates the time they spent in college and that they will remember you by. 

A Framed Photograph of Their First Dorm

Although the college graduate that you are about to celebrate probably lives off-campus now, they may have lived in a dorm when they first started school. With so many fond memories that they made in their dorm, why not have a professional photograph taken of the dormitory and then have it famed? When done right, these sorts of architectural photography pieces can be a classic and simple keepsake that they will want to hang in their house for the rest of their life. 

Jewelry From the State They Went To School In

Another special gift you can give the future graduate is a piece of jewelry that is representative of the state they went to school in. For example, if they went to school in Texas then consider gifting them Texas jewelry, such as a ring, necklace, or bracelet that has the shape of Texas on it. If you do not want to do the shape of the state, then you can do something else that memorializes the state like the state's animal or symbol, such as the lone star for Texas. The fun thing about pieces of jewelry like these is that they can be made simple enough that they can wear them every day without it being too much of a statement piece. 

School Swag

A great go-to gift to give your future graduate is some school swag that they can wear when they move away from college. For instance, you can get them a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and some sweatpants that they can wear on their days off or on the weekends as a way to remember their college days. Just remember to try to buy the college swag directly from the university so that you can help support the school and keep them afloat financially. 

A thoughtful gift goes a long way; especially when it comes to an occasion like a graduation. To learn a little bit more about these gifts or how to celebrate your loved one, reach out to a retailer near you. 

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