Why Getting Rid Of Rodents Yourself Rarely Works

If you find proof of rodents around your house, the first thing you may think of is to go down to the local store and purchase your own traps or other rodent eliminating products. In fact, some people will even adopt cats in the hopes that they will help to get rid of the rodent problems. If you have found rodents, before you run down and spend money on rodent products, you should read the information here.

Traps don't work that well

While traps may seem pretty straightforward and easy to use, the truth is they don't work as well as one may think. For one thing, you have to touch the traps to get them out of the package and to set them. The rodents have an extremely keen sense of smell and likely won't go near the trap with your scent on it. You could use gloves, but it can be very hard to set the traps with gloves on your hands, especially if they don't fit perfectly. Also, if you don't put the traps in the right places then it can prevent rodents from paying any attention to the traps. There is also the concern that your pets will get into them and get hurt.

Poisons can be dangerous

You want to be very careful if you try to use poison products that you will put around the house. Even when you put the poisons in places like the backs of cupboards or in dark corners, you still need to be extremely careful. Other animals and children can end up getting into the poison and this would be extremely dangerous.

Rodents can continue to come back

Even if you do find a way to get rid of the rodents in your home, you shouldn't be surprised when more return. Just because you manage to get rid of the ones you see doesn't mean you don't have more, or that more won't end up coming in through areas you never found and sealed.

Not all cats are good mousers

A lot of people get a cat and expect to bring an end to their rodent issues. However, it takes a certain kind of cat to be a good mouser. In fact, most indoor cats won't be good mousers and won't have offspring that are good mousers. Also, many outdoor cats who are pets won't be good mousers either, since they always know where their next meal is coming from.


The examples above can give you a small idea of why taking care of your rodent issues yourself can be so hard. This is why you should just follow through with having pest control services come out right away. They will get rid of the rodents inside your home and ensure more don't come in afterwards.

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