4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Water Softener

Your water softener is essential for keeping your plumbing system safe when you have hard water. Excess minerals in the water cause hard water. A water softener protects your entire plumbing system and helps keep everything safe.

Clean the Brine Tank Once a Year

When you need to refill your brine tank with salt, go through the extra step of cleaning out the brine tank. Take the brine tank and wash it down with water and soap. Scrub and remove all the contaminants that build up on the side of the tank. You want to clean the tank out at least once a year. Cleaning the tank on a yearly basis will help keep the entire water softener system working optimally. 

Use the Right Salt in the Brine Tank

In your water softener, you need to make sure you are using the right salt inside of the system. You should not use regular rock salt for your water softener. Using regular rock salt is not the best type of salt for removing iron from water. Rock salt tends to cause sediment to build-up inside of a brine tank. Rock salt may be cheaper to put inside of your water softener, but it will cost you by wearing out your water softener.

Instead, you need to use pure salt. Pure salt works the best when it comes to removing salt from your water softener. Pure salt will not create sediment build-up inside of the brine tank. You need to use pure life to extend the life of your water softener.

Know When to Add Salt

Next, you need to know when to add salt to your water softener. You should not add more salt to the system when the salt is still half-full. Instead, wait until almost all the salt has been used up before you add salt to the tank. When you refill the tank, don't fill it up all the way. You should only fill the tank up about 2/3 of the way. If you fill the tank up all the way, the salt will not be able to move and function as it should.

Add a Rust Stain Remover

In addition to pure salt, you need to also use a rust stain remover in your tank. Using a rust stain remover will help keep the resin bed inside of the tank clean. It will also help keep the control valve clean. You need to add rust stain remover to the tank at least once a year.

Take care of your water softener by cleaning the brine tank at least once a year. Add pure salt when the salt levels get low. Use some rust stain remover at least once a year to keep things clean. Check out companies like Houston Water Products for more information.

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