Why You Should Never Remove Mold In The Home Yourself

When you find mold in the house, your first reaction is to grab the bleach and a rag and start scrubbing. The reality is that mold comes in a variety of species, some of which are much harder to remove than others. Some mold, such as black mold, is even dangerous to ingest, and cleaning mold yourself puts your family at risk. You can clean up some mold spores on your own, but the risk of contamination and illness is often not worth it.

Here are reasons why you should not clean mold in your house on your own. Your mold specialist is who you should call to remove mold, so give a mold removal service a call to get an estimate for services.

You risk spreading mold

Any attack you make on the mold you have in your house can actually spread the spores around. You can wipe away at the mold and not even see the small spores released in the air, which will find a home somewhere else and possibly create even more mold. Rather than risk spreading mold spores, have your mold problem professionally tackled by a mold removal service like DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration, Inc.

You risk missing spots

Even if you have a mold species that doesn't require professional removal to get rid of, you may not actually remove all the mold when you do clean it. Mold spreads via spores, and any missed spores will just result in more mold. If you clean mold or try to paint over the offending areas and feel your job is complete, don't be surprised if you find new mold growth later. Your mold removal specialist will not only kill the mold you currently have, but they will also test your home for mold spores to make sure it's all removed.

You risk getting sick

All types of mold can make you sick to some degree. Mold spores are irritating at best and dangerous and possibly fatal at worst. You don't know what type of mold you're dealing with, and you likely don't have the proper gear to remove mold, so don't mess with the issue in your home and risk making yourself or anyone else sick when you clean it on your own. Instead, hire someone to come to your home and identify the type of mold you have and remove it professionally. This will help you feel safe in your own home and not put yourself or anyone else at risk of getting sick.

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