Noxious Weeds: How You Cannot Identify Them All (But Your City Will Still Fine You!)

Weeds: they are almost as bad as having a cockroach or termite problem. At least weeds can be killed and prevented, unlike insect pests. Unfortunately, having weeds and not recognizing them as weeds frequently results in fines from the city. Many cities have ordinances against "noxious weeds" and require that you them, but in the same breath, they know you cannot possibly be a weed expert that recognizes every weed in existence. In order to avoid the fines the city doles out — and kill and prevent the weeds in your yard — here is what you can do.

Almost Anything That Grows Taller Than Eight Inches, Flowers, and/or Forms Seed Pods Is a Weed

Most weeds are easy to spot. Purple thistles, for example, are obvious noxious weeds. Ragweed, with its multiple seed pod head and corn-husk leaves, is also a noxious weed because it causes allergy symptoms as soon as its nasty little pods open. 

However,  there are also weeds that do not flower, produce seed pods, or grow taller than eight inches. Quack grass is an example. Quack grass grows taller than regular grass, but does not flower or produce seed pods. Hence, it is difficult to distinguish as a weed. You could easily spend a year memorizing all kinds of weeds, but you do not have to if and when you hire a lawn care company that knows weeds.

Hire a Lawn Care Company

A lawn care technician, like those represented at, should actually know and recognize hundreds of weeds. The best part is that these people recognize the most common weeds in your area, as well as invasive species which must be reported to your state's wildlife department. Pictures of invasive species and their locations are sent to the state wildlife department in an effort to recognize and contain this type of problem. Then, your lawn care technician chemically destroys the weeds so that they cannot produce seeds and spread.

Use Commercial Weed Killer on Everything That Might Be a Weed

To kill the weeds you have, use a chemical weed killer on anything that may be a weed. You do have to be careful with this stuff, as it will kill grass as well (and it is a poison to humans). You are generally pretty safe spraying everything around or near property fences, where many weeds tend to spring up. 

Preventing Weeds

Preventing weeds either involves the lawn care company's technicians or using a "weed and feed" fertilizer on your lawn twice a year. If you are going to do this yourself, you will need several bags of "weed and feed" and a grass seed dispersal tool/machine to cover the whole of your lawn. Otherwise, the lawn care technician is able to apply a liquid version of "weed and feed."

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