3 Tips To Encourage Your Office Employees To Be Less Sedentary

As you might already know, living a sedentary lifestyle can have negative effects on your health. However, in your office setting, a lot of your employees might be sedentary. Since it is probably important to you for your employees to be as healthy as possible, you may want to do what you can to encourage them to be less sedentary. Fortunately, following these tips can help you encourage your office employees to be a lot less sedentary.

1. Invest in Sit-Stand Desks

If you haven't already, you may want to consider investing in sit-stand desks for your employees to use. Then, they can sit down when they need or want to, but they can be encouraged to spend some of their workday standing as well, which can be good for combating the sedentary lifestyle of living in an office.

2. Provide a Gym

If you have a larger office, you might find that it's worth it to invest in putting in a small gym. You don't have to invest in all of the latest and greatest equipment, but even putting in a couple of treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines can make it easy for your employees to get in a workout. If this is not an option, then you may want to consider working at a local gym; you might be able to arrange for a package where you can pay for your employee's memberships as a perk of their jobs, or you could perhaps at least be able to help them get a discounted group rate. Then, you might be surprised by how many of your employees will make use of the gym!

3. Walk and Talk

All meetings with your employees do not have to be hosted in your office, in the boardroom or over lunch. Instead, try implementing walking meetings whenever possible. When you're meeting one-on-one with an employee, consider asking him or her to go for a stroll with you outside, particularly if you aren't going to need to do any writing. When hosting larger meetings, consider gathering everyone up outside of the building or at a local park. Then, you can walk and talk through your meeting, or you can simply encourage everyone to take a quick walk before or after you get started. Along with encouraging everyone to get some exercise, this is also a good way for everyone to get some fresh air as well.

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