How You Can Hang Outdoor Curtains To Gain Some Privacy

In the warmer months and even those days that are just starting to turn a little bit cooler, you may wish to indulge in your backyard to catch some rays and fresh air. But while you might have a fence separating your yard from your neighbor's yard, it might be a chain link fence that doesn't provide as much privacy as you would like. You can get this much-desired privacy to enjoy your deck or yard by hanging outdoor curtains. It's not a difficult job, and it takes only a few steps to do.

Curtain Rod

One of the first steps to hanging outdoor curtains is to pick what curtain rod you want and then to attach it to something sturdy. Outdoor curtain rods and curtains are not like the indoor variety. They are specially made to prevent warping and rusting due to the weather conditions. You can most likely find them at a Home Depot or similar hardware or home improvement store. You can either attach the rod to an existing deck—as long as it has poles to attach to—or secure it to a wall on your home in which you have installed heavy-duty hooks. You can also purchase a frame with a free standing curtain rod in which to hang your curtains from.

Choose Your Curtain

There are many styles and types of curtains to choose from. When picking out your curtain, do you want a sheer, white piece or something with a bit more color and style? The design is not the only thing to consider when choosing a curtain either. Do you want some light to show through, or would you prefer a black-out style to help block some of the sun? Also, do you prefer rings with which to attach your curtain, or do you want a curtain that has existing material loops on which to hang the curtain from your rod?

Hang Shades

You might want the privacy and look of curtains but don't have anywhere to hang them. You could instead opt for hanging shades on your porch or deck. All you need is an opening or window in a covered deck or porch, and you can attach porch curtains to either side of the opening. You just secure it firmly and you will have privacy or a sun block for the hot days, and you can also roll the curtain back into the container when you are done and want to see the view from your porch.

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