3 Types Of Kitchen Islands And How To Light Them

Kitchen islands are all the rage, and whenever anyone undertakes a major kitchen remodel, an island is usually implemented if at all possible. Many times, this means opening a wall between the kitchen and the main living area, creating the open living space that modern families want. Gone are the days of preferring tiny, closed-off boxes. While some kitchen islands may now serve as a room divider of sorts, other kitchen island designs simply add more functionality to the kitchen. Different types of islands have different uses. Here is a look at three.

The "Extra Counter Space" Island

Some smaller kitchens have very little counter space. By the time you place a microwave, toaster, and coffee pot on the counter, there's virtually no room left for meal preparation. A kitchen island that has a vast expanse of a solid surface will make common kitchen tasks such as chopping vegetables and kneading and rolling out dough possible. Many times, this wide counter space will also pull double-duty for things like wrapping gifts or doing crafts as well. Choose an overhead lighting style that will be bright enough to allow you to see what you are doing without struggle.

The "Cooking Station" Island

Some kitchen islands incorporate a giant over-sized six burner range and a flat-top grill. A larger one may even have a sink as well. An island with appliances can lend a very modern look to a kitchen, and that modern look can be made even more so with the right overhead vent hood. For example, a vent hood may be painted in a bright color, giving an industrial look to the space. Some hood vents also come with attached lighting aside the exhaust vans, keeping a convenient, streamlined look.

The "Gathering Spot" Island

This type of kitchen island isn't so much for cooking and meal preparation as it is a place for people to gather around. It may serve as your kitchen table, with stools situated around it. It can be the place the kids have their after-school snack and then do their homework at. It can be the space for playing board games, a morning cup of tea while reading the newspaper, or simply a good spot to sit and make your grocery list and meal plan. This type of island is also good for providing overflow seating from the living room when guests are over. Lighting that is adjustable is a good choice for a multi-purpose island.

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