Giving A Party Favor That Will Live Long After The Festivities

If you want to give guests a party-favor that keeps on giving, consider giving them something that is living or that will help nature thrive. For instance, giving guests something to grow in their own home or garden is an excellent reminder of your event, and a much-appreciated favor.

Some living party-favors to share with your guests include:

Packets of wildflower seeds. A packet of wildflower seeds is the perfect party favor to give guests, and to bring some color and life to the world at large. Tuck packets inside goody-bags or use the packets at each place-setting for guests to pick up. Furthermore, these are a relatively inexpensive approach to party favors at any shindig.

Some things to remember when giving packets of seeds to your guests are:

  • Make sure to give only native species that won't be invasive if scattered or planted.
  • Order specialty packets online containing favorite seeds of the guest of honor or party host.
  • Keep the packets- and your party favors- in a cool, dry place to prevent mildew.

Herb seedlings. Give guests their own herb seedlings to take home with them. Plant a single basil, rosemary, or mint plant in a tiny starter-pot, wrap a ribbon around the container, and add a tag. Plus, when you line these up by your venue door, the herbs will bring an amazing fragrance to your party.

Peat-pots. Fill jars with everything needed to plant something pretty. Tuck a peat-pot, seeds or bulb, on top of a couple inches of rich soil layered in the bottom of jars with your guests' names written on them. Use small jelly jar or mason jars, depending on the what you are giving the guests to grow.

Birdseed ornaments. Give something to help local wildlife thrive with easy birdseed ornaments. An easy approach is to take a cup of coconut oil and melt it until softened; add a quarter cup mixed nuts (unsalted) and a quarter cup birdseed. Press into a muffin tin, lightly sprayed with coconut oil cooking spray. While soft, add a small hemp or twine loop for hanging; tuck one or two in a glassine bag for each of your guests.

Use these ideas to promote nature and beauty at your next party, and to give guests a favor that is special and distinctive. Talk with seed and gardening retailers about the best mixes and supplies to create cute and functional favors for your party!

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