Inspiring Ideas For A Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary is an umbrella style that covers different décor ideals, from ultra-modern to mid-century. However, at its core, contemporary style is an elegant option featuring clean lines and chic profiles. Furniture is often minimalist to the point of being geometric. The kitchen, with its obvious functionality, does well with this style. Give your kitchen the sophistication of the contemporary style.

Open-Front Cabinets

Cabinetry takes up a lot of visual space in your kitchen, so it can help drive the style. For contemporary décor, you want an uncluttered profile for your cabinetry. Therefore, choose cabinets with clean lines rather than ornate detailing. What's more, switch out some of the doors with glass to lighten up the heaviness of all that cabinetry. You can also have open shelves extending below the cabinets themselves, which also helps keep them looking crisp and open.

Granite Countertops

Granite is a classic countertop material, yet it's ideal for your contemporary kitchen. The material is beautiful yet durable. Granite comes in a vast array of color and pattern options. If you want your granite countertops to be subtle, choose a neutral color with minimal veining or speckling. However, an ultra-modern profile occurs if you choose solid black granite or slabs with striking charcoal and white marbling. You can also get a little playful with one of the uncommon colors, such as red or green. Such a bold color works well for accenting, say for a kitchen island. For the finish, consider a high gloss sheen. Not only is a glossy finish more durable, it also shows as very modern. For the edges, a simple, eased edge offers the clean line characteristic of contemporary style. Contact a company like Artisan Granite & Marble to learn more about granite countertops.

Double Oven

What's a contemporary kitchen without something a little trendy? Better Homes and Gardens suggests trying a double oven. Naturally, the biggest benefit to a double oven is being able cook more than one dish at different temperatures. However, contractors install the double oven directly into the cabinetry. That means the design of the ovens themselves features the clean lines and nod to geometry that's part of modern style. What's more, as the site points out, once you've separated the ovens from the range, you open up new design possibilities for your floor plan.

Creative Lighting

Adequate lighting is essential for your kitchen, so of course you'll want the appropriate task lighting. However, when it comes to your overhead light, consider getting creative. For instance, you could hang a series of globe pendants for geometric appeal. Alternatively, you could have contractors install geometric track lighting. You could also opt for a minimalistic metal chandelier. Just look for a lighting option that makes a statement in your contemporary kitchen.

Blend classic materials and modern additions for an inspired contemporary kitchen.

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