Three Things You Can Do With Stone Slabs

Stone slabs are often used to lay driveways and sidewalks, but you should not limit your imagination with these primary uses. These pre-poured, pre-formed slabs can do a lot more if you give them a chance. The following illustrates just a couple of other uses that could change your landscaping or buildings. 

Instant Patio

If your home did not come with its own patio and you want a smoother surface to drop your outdoor furniture, consider using stone slabs to create an instant patio. Four to six good-sized slabs set on leveled ground create an automatic patio surface. If you want the slabs to be really stable, your stone slab suppliers may be able to install them for you with a little wet concrete to secure them together.

Durable Flat Roof

If you own a multi-story commercial building and you need a new flat roof, stone slabs are perfect. They require a little extra support, but they are far more durable and resilient to the weather than many other flat roof materials. Additionally, if you wanted to cover the slabs in asphalt and make them one solid, heavy-duty roof, the slabs are quicker and easier to install than trying to get poured concrete to the roof.

Garden Elevation

Rodents and other critters love to nibble on flowers, vegetable plants and the seeds produced by whatever you plant. It would take a monumental amount of effort to stop garden pests of this sort. Instead, use the stone slabs to elevate your garden space and prevent pests from getting into your garden.

All you have to do is place a slab on the ground to prevent pests from digging underneath. Then cut and place smaller slabs like a brick wall along the edges of the larger stone slab. Fill it with dirt and plant whatever you like. As long as the elevated garden is at least two feet high, it will prevent rabbits and some other pests from disturbing your plants. If you really want to prevent the pest damage, seal each level of cut slab with mortar.

Ask Your Stone Slab Supplier for More Ideas

Stone slab suppliers see contractors and DIY homeowners come up with lots of different project ideas using stone slabs. They help consumers figure out how much stone slab the consumers need for their projects too. If you kind of have an idea for something where stone slab might work, ask experts like SK Stone. They can give you some guidance and supply the materials for your project.

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