Maintaining A Bright View And A Tidy Home - Tips For Cleaning Your Blinds

Your home's windows represent your gateway to the world, so don't allow yourself to deal with an obstructed or uncomfortable view. Your blinds play an important role in controlling the sunlight that enters your home and providing you with sufficient privacy, but without regular cleaning, they may collect enough dust to pose a serious hazard to your air quality.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to maximize the efficiency of your cleaning methods while guaranteeing your blinds won't be damaged. Below, you'll find a guide to some of those steps, allowing you to dodge the frustrations which might otherwise come from a specialized home cleaning task.

Delicate Cloths

One of the primary hazards that comes with cleaning blinds is the risk of causing accidental damage to slats or ropes. Without careful consideration, vigorous cleaning can turn into scratches or fractures that can leave you looking for new window treatments rather than taking care of those which you were attempting to clean.

Specialized microfiber cloths can allow you apply sufficient pressure without risking gouges that are unsightly or without resorting to longer handled devices which might cause damage. Clumsy cleaning attempts and spare rags won't allow you to achieve the results you desire, and could result in costly damage that leaves you wishing you'd never attempted to clean at all.

Regular Vacuuming

Even with attention paid to dusting, it's possible to miss some buildup. Some materials may even be porous enough to allow dust particles to become embedded, creating a deep down layer of dirt that may be next to impossible to remove manually.

Using your vacuum's attachment that's designed to clean blinds is the best way to handle this situation. By including your blinds in your regular vacuuming regimen, you can achieve the clean look you desire without being forced into special scheduling that may be inconvenient or otherwise bothersome.

Glass Cleaning

While your blinds will pick up dust and dirt from the air in the same way other surfaces do, they're also susceptible to attracting contaminants which may cling to your glass. If your windows hide surreptitiously behind their treatments and avoid regular attention, dust can easily transfer and create a bigger mess than otherwise was there. By working regular window cleaning into your schedule, you can eliminate one more source of dirt that may cling to your blinds and help guarantee your view remains as clean and clear as you desire.

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